Urdu (declared as Pakistan’s national language) is being ignored brutally by us.
Why, when and how it happened? Let’s take a look on some harsh facts.

The parents today want their child to speak in English as it’s an international language and one should learn to communicate in it.
But the parents should also let their child know his own language that is Urdu. Unluckily it is not the case. I once asked for the reason to a mother who was scolding her son on the same. She replied angrily that she don’t want her child to speak in Urdu as he could be typecast as an Urdu medium or illiterate individual.

Oh! Hold on, Please!! Is anyone who speaks in Urdu an illiterate person?
I was shocked. Urdu is popular for its politeness and respect. Does a language full of respect and sweetness can be declared as a language of illiterate people?

Means Maulvi Abdul Haq (Baba-e-Urdu), Syed Ahmed Khan, Akbar Allahabadi all were not scholars but illiterate people. Miserably this is the case with most of us. We the people of Pakistan feel disgrace in communicating in our own language.

Few people think that speaking in English is a sign of high profile people or a symbol of advancement. They are simply foolish people.
We appreciate some nations which are bound to their culture. They are reluctant to use any other language. If you don’t know their language it’s your problem, they will not change themselves. China and Iran are the examples. Are they not progressing rapidly? See this is not the case.

(Let me clear myself I am not against English as I am also writing in the same language. I am just depicting the true picture)

With the passage of time, we find change in media as well. Good content in the form of Urdu dramas, programs are replaced by non-sense Hindi programs. We often find youngsters speaking Hindi words proudly. They should be discouraged instead of discouraging children speaking Urdu.

What is required is that we should endorse our language and should realize that it is not a source of shame for us but a source of bonding among Pakistanis throughout the world.

Few days ago I went to a book store to get some books for myself. While searching I sensed a lack of Urdu books not only for the elders but fatefully also for the children. I felt that the children have missed the treasure of their ancestors and their identity.

I wish and pray that we get back our lost identity.