• Wife
• Husband
• Wife’s friend


• The couple recently got married.
• Wife is talkative and frolic.
• Husband is silent and mature.


On an ordinary day while both friends were chatting

Wife: My husband doesn’t talk much.

The friend was thinking, who can speak in front of her? She is too much talkative, anyway

Wife’s friend: hmm, then?

Wife: Sometimes he doesn’t reply to me as well.

Wife’s friend: For sure, there would be no answers to your questions, as far as I know you.

Wife: It’s not like that…

Wife’s friend: Then what do you do?

Wife: Nothing, I assume that my voice hits his ears but doesn’t pass through his brain and reflects back.

And they broke out into laugh….

After few days

Wife: What you want me to cook?

Husband: (silence)

Wife: God, your silence kills me.

Husband: Dear! Cook anything you like to eat.

Wife: No, I want you to tell me

Husband (decided randomly): OK! Then make chicken curry.

Wife: No, it’s been ages, we haven’t eaten Pizza.

Husband: Then?

Wife: Then we will eat pizza today.

Husband (with a smile on his face): OK!

Few days later, she again complained to her friend about her husband’s silent nature.

Wife: I think he doesn’t like to talk.

Wife’s friend: hmm, now what’s new?

Wife: Nothing, it’s been a routine now. I think I will get used to it.

Wife (in a depressing tone): I asked him a hundred times that what the matter is but it was of no use. I think it would be difficult for us to remain together.

Wife’s Friend: Buddy, everybody has different nature. He is a quiet person.

Wife: So what? He should answer me.

Wife’s friend: But..

Wife interrupted

Wife(angrily): I don’t want to listen to your lecture. You better keep your mouth shut.

The conversation ended.

The following night, in the bedroom

Wife: I have bought a new dress. How’s it?

Husband: (silence)

Wife: Why don’t you answer me?

Husband: again silence

Wife: I am talking to you

Husband: Yeah it’s nice!

Wife: Not like this! Tell me properly.

Husband: (silence)

Wife (angrily): Don’t you have something to say?

Husband (looks up with a smile and says): If I say the dress isn’t nice then what will you do?

Wife: What? No it is very nice.

Husband: I don’t like it

Wife: Why? It is too expensive.

Husband: So what?

Wife: No, it’s nice and I am going to wear it tomorrow in the party.

Husband smiles and nods his head

Wife: What?

Husband: See, I knew it that you won’t listen to me, if you have decided once that you will wear the dress then nobody can change your mind. I understand you darling.

The wife stood quiet as his response was priceless and the husband continues reading the newspaper.


Give some time to understand each other. Don’t get irritate. New relations take some time to grow.
Be patient!