Relationship is something very precious and unique; which is being destroyed by misunderstandings. This is not only today’s issue; it is a matter since the creation of human being. Allah created us with all the senses which we rarely use efficiently. If we use the senses properly, I guess there would not be any misunderstanding.
Misunderstandings exist because of our stupidities, lack of communication or proper communication (effective and complete), behaviors, temperaments and the list goes on. Sometimes the sender (speaker) could not convey the message properly or the receiver (listener) doesn’t get it correctly; although the intentions are right. If brains are utilized for analysis of the situations then the confusion ratio can be decreased. Example is given in the below image

In addition to there is a “third person” (apart from the sender and receiver) factor which I personally hate the most. When we say that we know someone, it means we are capable enough to predict or understand each other’s behaviors. Then how come it is possible that a third person (whoever he is) tells something wrong and we upon believing him destroy our relations by misunderstandings and assumptions. The third person leaves with white collar after ruining our lives. Attention-grabbing point is that the third person is for sure jealous or feels insecure with us; so he takes revenge by doing such evil feats. We should open our eyes and ears to discover and void the scum that dilutes the relations. Most of the time people don’t even bother to speak; through discussions many things can be cleared. Here lack of communication creates a huge crack and many things are assumed at both ends just because of this mistake.

Misunderstanding is a germ that affects life in such a way that every good thing shared in the relationship is forgotten.
Another problem is temperaments, we lose tempers and because of our tantrums we hurt relations which augment misunderstandings. Sometimes expectations also play as a catalyst in mounting delusions. Basically we expect something from others because we think they are capable to fulfil the expectations. If one is unable to do so then the other should understand rather than creating confusions. We should help and compromise at times to retain relations. Nobody is perfect neither can be; requisite is to ignore and forgive mistakes and understand each other.

There is no love without forgiveness, and there is no forgiveness without love.
Bryant H. McGill

I picked up this topic and shared my thoughts because I am seeing a lot of destructions in lives because of misunderstandings. It’s my slight contribution to positive thinking. I would again put forward that using senses can avoid such problems. The world is talking about peace all the time, the key to peace is to wipe out misunderstanding.

The world only goes round by misunderstanding.
Charles Baudelaire