When things become useless or provide less advantage to us we either discard them or replace them. We discard unnecessary documents/photos from our computers, old clothes from our wardrobe. We replace old memories/people in our lives which are unimportant. Minor events of the world are replaced with the major happenings. Trend of keeping and reading books is replaced by internet. It depends upon the situation, trend and on us off course.

What we have replaced or discarded so far today?

1) Humanity: Replaced by unkindness towards the world and is now most common these days. We see examples of it daily.
Example news heard often:
• The landholder killed the farmer brutally because he refused the landlord’s orders and sent his daughter for higher studies.
• The burglars killed the housewife because she resisted giving her jewelry.
• The teacher beat the child so hard that his arm got fractured.
• The injured cat died by hit of a car. The cat was unable to move because of injury and the car crushed it.

2) Ethics: Respect for relationships, religions, elders is discarded today mostly.
Example dialogue between a boy and his father:
• “Dad you don’t know how to socialize through internet, you are too old to learn.”

3) Research: Learning and gaining knowledge is classified as a game of a nerd. It’s almost discarded from to do list of people.
Example negotiation between a boy and his father:
• “I don’t like studying further. I don’t want to become a philosopher.”

4) Sharing: Discarded. What is sharing? Just focus on me, myself and I.
Example dialogue between neighbors in an urgent situation:
• “It’s my car; I can’t give you my car in any case.”

5) Patience: Seems to be discarded permanently. Patience can oppose the situation but today the tantrums don’t allow it.
Example News:
• The drivers were about to kill each other after the cars’ collision.
• The in laws burnt the girl due to arguments.

6) Forgiveness: is also lost somewhere today. It is replaced by revenge. By forgiving anyone our ranks will not be lowered, in contrast our respect level will increase. But revenge is considered as the best solution of someone’s mistake.
Example dialogue between friends:
• “I will not forgive you. How come you forget my beneficence in your bad days?”

The components I mentioned are very few but of significance in building and growing a nation, community, country and most importantly a good human being. Regrettably, we have left behind these factors, somehow deliberately and somehow unintentionally. We should not let these factors go from our lives. The unnecessary material is discarded or replaced and these elements I think are essential for every individual. Just think before discarding or replacing something. These positive factors should be reflected in our actions to prove ourselves as real and good humans.

What do you think?