Today the most common topic among the working people is work–life balance. They complain that they are unable to satisfy their lives or work, things are being done haphazardly. Moreover, this unsteadiness is affecting their productivity and health; and they are depressed due to this uneven load.

To cope with the issue it is required to schedule or prioritize and analyze your routines. Everyone is compelled to have busy routines. I am also living a busy life but I add joys like the ones listed below to keep life going good and calm.

Things to do along with jobs

1) A family trip to somewhere outside your home town once a year and explore/enjoy the world, it’s beautiful.

2) Go to gym or walk twice a week at least.

3) Go for outing with in your city once a month (it could be shopping/restaurant/cinema/sea side/park etc.)

4) Get few hours (let’s say 2) at weekend for your selves (you can reset your room, relax and eat snacks, go to beauty parlor/salon; whatever you want to do)

5) Get a hobby as well (gardening, reading, cooking etc.) There should be an alternate to your work so that you will not get bored. A famous idiom can further throw light on it
“Idle Hands are the Devil’s Tools”

6) A get together with friends after every 3 months (both of the spouse can go at the same time so that no one will get bore at home waiting for each other).

7) Help your spouse in doing his/her tasks whenever you get time.

8) Visit one or two relatives once a month.

9) Save some money every month (you can use a money box if you are afraid of using them if they remain in your account) and give it to poor or a charity house once a year, believe me you will feel fantastic, save money for yourself also.

10) Get some time (2 to 3 hours) to read or get awareness of current events or anything of your choice once a month.

11) Arrange a grand party once a year at your place and invite all the near and dear ones.

12) Arrange a picnic as well once a year with friends or family.

13) Take some time out once a month to call your relatives/friends to stay in touch.

14) Don’t forget your neighbors, keep a hello hi with them and visit/invite them twice a year and send them something to eat.

I do not say that you must follow the list but if you try to do so, I assure you that it will help you out in balancing your life. You will get in touch with friends, family and the rest of the society.People will be happy with you and you will be happy after seeing your loved ones happy. If you will be satisfied you will give your 100% to both Work and Life. Your ride to seesaw will be ended.

Together we all make a society. We should build a healthy and happier society by balancing the two realities Work and Life.

Have a nice weekend!