When travelling long distances sometimes it seems that the time is paused, particularly when you are alone. You talk to someone along with you in the journey but that’s not enough. To overcome boring journey, these ideas can be useful.

1) Read a book or magazine of your choice. I enjoy reading the most while travelling, even I read the books that I have read before.

2) Play a game; it could be a video game or a board game (if you are travelling in a train). Sudoku, Hangman and Tic-Tac-Toe type games can also be played to kill time.

3) Sleep. My second most enjoyable thing I do while travelling.

4) Listen to your favorite songs on your mp3 player; if you like music.

5) Plan what you will do on reaching your destination for example which places to visit etc. Or think of something important or pending that you were not able to analyze before.

A person cannot sit freely, he wants something to do. The mentioned ways can make your journey interesting instead of boring. Try them out!

Happy Travelling!