Thank you and sorry are the words that change the situations, if spoken in actual meaning. Their influence can be felt in life. To appreciate some one’s effort and affection we thank them. We thank God for all the blessings in our life. We thank people to acknowledge their compassion towards us.

Thanking is counted as good manners and since childhood we have been taught to thank anyone who does something good for us. E.g. presented us a gift on our birthday, helped us in achievement of something let’s say a homework assignment etc.

Appreciation motivates every one and brings positivism in both work and life. It’s natural when someone gives credit of something to us; we feel happy and try to grow his expectation. The thanked person also gets an impression that they should also acknowledge us in situations where we help them to make our relationship much stronger. It’s basically a give and take scheme, which exchanges respect and recognition. People work halfheartedly because they don’t get appreciated e.g. in offices. A small gesture of thanks makes a difference. Things will become easy if we make a habit of thanking.

The other influential word Sorry shows that we have realized our mistake and don’t want to lose the other person. It also shows sympathy to the other person in case of their loss. Sometimes by saying sorry although we dint do any mistake can stop a fight and reverse the intense situation. The use of these hearty words also depends upon the circumstances.

Saying sorry is a relief and a symbol of sincerity because no one forgets your mistake until and unless you apologize, it’s a good gesture and helps you in moving on. Also you set a good example.

Sometimes the words are just not enough; in case of sorry if the situation has become worst because of us then along with apologizing we should try to clear the situation and settle the matter. It’s our responsibility. In case of thanks, if someone has done something big for us then praise him or do something for him as well if we can. We should recall the phrase

A friend in need is a friend indeed

The traditional ways to express these feelings include verbal communication, sending cards, text messages, flowers, chocolates and many more. Some people feel uncomfortable in saying it verbally; they can use the other mentioned mediums but they should also build up the ability to say so.

The exaggerated feeling of self-importance or ego stops us to appreciate and apologize. To let down ego, assume that we are on opposite side; what shall we say now? We have heard a lot about good manners, how to become a good human etc. All of these explains us the reason of delivering these etiquette. In my opinion, by the use not the overuse of these two strong words we will gain respect and happiness; also lives would become easier.