• Afreen (sister)
• Bilal (brother)


It is a summer afternoon.
Bilal is preparing for exams, he asked Afreen to get him a cup of tea.
Afreen enters Bilal’s room with a loud announcement “TEA TIME”

Bilal: Thanks.

Afreen while sitting on his bed with the tray in her hands

Afreen: It’s ok. Do you know what happened when I was making tea for you?
Bilal: No

Afreen in a dramatic style

Afreen: I saw a black furry cat in our neighbors’ lawn.
Bilal: So?
Afreen: It was too cute; I am thinking that we should buy one for us.

Tray falls from her hand in an earsplitting way

Bilal (anxiously): What happened?
Afreen: Oh I forgot I had to buy new clothes. When we will go for shopping?
Bilal: I have an exam; we will talk about it later on
Afreen: But I was just asking
Bilal: I said after exam
Afreen (with sparkling eyes): Alright. I am sure that you will take me to the nearby restaurant as well when we’ll go for shopping.
Bilal: urgh! Let me study
Afreen: So what am I doing? I was just saying
Bilal: Fine! Go now
Afreen: I am going

She was going but suddenly stopped and turned to him

Afreen: When your exams will be finished?

Bilal with a contempt look and in a harsh tone

Bilal: 10th of the next month.

She starts thinking something ignoring Bilal’s condition

Afreen: After your exams you will have a vacation for sure.
Bilal (annoyingly): Yes
Afreen: Good. I have planned something.

Silence on the other side

Afreen: Won’t you ask?

Silence on the other side

Afreen (a bit louder): Bilal!
Bilal: Whether I ask you or not you will tell me

The maddening sister drags a chair and sits on it

Afreen: Yes indeed! I was planning that we should go to Muree or Bhurban as I am also on vacations.

Poor brother stands up and shout angrily

Bilal: I will go alone and will not take you with me if you keep on boiling my blood. Go away I have to study.
Afreen: OK OK.. Calm down but wait a minute! Whom we will take with us?

Pitiable brother with a worried look on his face sits on his chair and starts ignoring her

Afreen: We will also take Sana and Hameed with us as well.

While counting on her fingers with excitement

Afreen: So we will be six. Mom, Dad, me, Sana, Hameed and off course you. Yeah that’s right

Silence on the other end.

Afreen: Hello I am talking to you

Silence on the other end

Afreen: Ok I am going don’t be angry

Bilal is thinking that he knows that she will still not
She leaves the room and the Bilal thanked God with his hands open in the prayer style and felt a relief
A loud bang heard in the kitchen

Bilal (to himself): Oh God! I will not ask her what happened else she will commence again

But he was worried too that what happened he stepped out of his room slowly to check and she appeared suddenly

Afreen: Bilal!
Bilal (murmuring): Not again
Afreen: That black cat is now in our home. I don’t know when she climbed the wall and came here.

Bilal turns back to go to his room

Afreen: Listen! Just see how cute it is. I wonder how this catty will look with a cap on head
Oh cap! Oh God when we will go for shopping? I want to buy a cap as well.

Bilal goes to his room and she follows him

Afreen: All the time you spend in studying and I get bored because of you. I remember the days when we enjoy together.
Bilal: Afreen I beg your pardon, go and let me study
Afreen (with a gloomy face and tone): Shopping?
Bilal (smartly): I think you should go today with mom
Afreen: No I will go with u because you give me better advice
Bilal: Eeee!
Afreen: We will take mom with us also so that we can buy stuff for our trip as well, she might need something
Bilal: I think you should speak to parents about the plan if they allow us we will definitely go
Afreen: Oh yes, how I can forget that! Without their input it would be impossible
Bilal: Yeah Yeah go ahead and discuss with them
Afreen: See that’s the reason I want to go for shopping with you, you always give me good advices
Bilal (with a straight face): Yes

As soon as she leaves the room, he immediately locked his room and lay down tiredly on his chair

Bilal: Oh god she talks too much.

Then he saw the clock and was shocked that she has wasted her 30 minutes almost.

Bilal (With his hand on his face): Why she do so? My mind is blank now

He tried to study after that but was unable to understand the theorems because his concentration was lost and he was tired too because of the stupid talks with her sister.
Unwillingly, he closed his books and get into his bed to relax and decided to study again after an hour.
He told her to put a sock in it! But it is difficult for her.
It’s really impossible to make a chatterbox person quiet.