Storm is a word with a worse feeling.
However it’s not necessary that storm is of a typical type that we usually refer to.
Storm can hit anyone anytime in their life and the consequences are generally depressive and destructive.

One looks it as a disturbed environmental state. Some feel it by a loss in their occupation. Somebody can face a storm by losing someone closer etc.
It’s a phenomenon, feeling, process, reaction whichever best suits you.

Important point is that its consequences are always of same nature i.e. damaging.
Damaging of house, town, lives, treasures, moments; all are miserable.
Many strong people are seen wounded because of the storms. They try hard to mend themselves but are helpless.

What we can do is that recollect ourselves early and attempt to get the lost one or to remember it in a good way so that we may adore them.
It’s the rule of the world, with the span of time injuries heel but leave their effect on our minds and hearts.

In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.
Robert Frost