Love and humanity should be spread by adoring people around us. A kind gesture, care can change a poisonous behavior into a sweet one. Goodness is a tool that sparkles your personality and it never fails.

Why a person gets proud by achieving earthly things? He should be pleased when there are lot of people who regard him by their hearts not by his power. Why a person annoy others? To satisfy his ego, anger, depression or revenge? All of them are against goodness. We should behave to others in a mode that we want from others. But it is a difficult task.

To help others, to care and love others has its own joy which is a gratification to our soul. Little bit of support, patience, forgiveness, sharing and attention are the pleasures which we enjoy by getting and giving mutually. For instance: we can help a needy we know, we can visit unwell people in our circle, we can forgive and forget someone’s mistake that has hurt us or we can share closed one’s happiness and grief to make them feel that they are not alone. Give and take is the scheme that is followed in the world, when we give something good to others we will definitely get in return because loyal people are very few and hard to find. We should not cheat and tease others. I see so many problems among people and most of them are so silly and usually due to negative acts that are shown against each other. Be tolerant and peaceful.

Life is mortal, it has to end a day then why don’t we pass it in a good and calm way so that people admire us and always remember us in good names after our decease from this world.