Hello Readers,

Hope you all are doing well. As usual I want your feedback on this post but this time it is something different. I have designed few event flyers/brochures for different domains, I would like you to comment on them (content, design etc.) so that I can improve them with your help.

Here we go:

1) This flyer is for a drawing competition in a school for students of all ages. You can view the flyers through the Flyers tab in the menu or have a look at it through
Arts Competition

2) This one is again for students but for university level. Book fair is organized to buy books (new, slightly used) on low prices as compared to the market. It can be viewed at
Book Fair

3) A new software house has designed an application for hospitals and their management. They are offering a demonstration session in which people from different hospitals are invited. It can be seen at
Hospital Management Demo

Suggest me are they fine or what can I further add or subtract from the flyers to make them more productive.