[Yesterday me and my neighbor had a discussion about this matter, she was in favor of just school teaching. I decided to share my view with you guys which I shared with her during our discussion.]

Education is a necessity that distinguish a person from an animal. Knowledge can be gained at home or at school, people preference varies but all agree about teaching requirement for children development. It transforms the children into a wiser person who can take his decisions independently and correctly.

Cultural norms, traditions, ethics all sort of manners are better taught at homes. A child absorbs these etiquette from home and characterize his family upbringing in the world. We can grow our child with the virtues and all the right things which perhaps will make him a good individual, this of course is possible but quite tough in schools. Parents should help the kids in doing their homework assignments given by school, it will let them know what their child is learning about. Individual attention is provided in home coaching but limited knowledge is transferred. E.g. parents can teach their child about environment but if he is taught the same at school he can learn via practical and that would be more explanatory. Lack of information resources and expertise is a big hurdle in the way of home teaching. Also at homes educating persistently is difficult as parents especially mothers have household accountability. Home tuition in our culture is common but it just aid in lessons learnt in schools.

Schools deliver the child world’s knowledge in a broader perspective. Children study a variety of courses. They build a sense of socializing and sharing with their fellows. They learn how to help and encourage others. Their problem solving skills improve, also their confidence level increases. E.g. we can compare the children taught at school and at home; their communication skills consist of major differences. Due to interaction with others school child has a noticeable confidence where as one trained at home is usually a shy one. They learn new technologies and we find them more adaptable with the latest changes.

I believe that teaching at both places is a balanced approach to develop a child perfectly. We all learn since our birth to our death and there is no restriction in teaching place and age.