Just imagine if someone hurts you, what do you want him to do? For sure, you want him to apologize to you. Now think of the opposite side, if you hurt someone, what should you do?


You should also apologize the other person. Because you made him feel bad. Apologizing is essential to clear heart, pain, misunderstandings and to maintain relationships.

We should be quick in apologizing others. Sometimes we don’t pay attention to its importance but we feel it later on and that ensues too late. For instance, we regret that we didn’t apologize when a person leaves our life as a result of a relationship break up or death. Sometimes we feel the pain when somebody else hurts us. Or when someone make us realize that we have done a mischief and should say sorry. If you apologize that doesn’t mean that you are inferior to the other one. In married relationships it is observed that mistakes of one make the other partner believe that he is careless and it doesn’t have emotional impact on his life. So the hurt one sometimes accepts the other and sometimes reject which boost up the issues.

On time confession can reduce destruction. With the passage of time, distances generate which lessen the importance of your sorrow or do not have influence.Your quick apology will make the hurt one feel better. Also he will not give place to grudges. It ensures that you are ashamed of your act and you will not repeat it as you are a nice person who can differentiate between good and bad.

Life is too short, we should enjoy it nobly. We cannot live with a guilt. Guilt poisons life. If we ask for forgiveness on time we can secure our relationships and reputation as well. A good person never hesitates in apologizing. Also God forgive us after the suffering person’s forgiveness.

Look around yourself. If you have to apologize someone, go ahead before time passes away.

Have a nice weekend!