I am not an expert neither I am the one who could advise people but by living in the society and seeing things around we all have some sort of responsibility on us. In my opinion while educating children we can consider few points mentioned below.

Behave in such a way in front of your kids as how you want to see them. Behave all the time. Be a role model for your child, if you have manners then you can train your child manners.

  1. Use appropriate language, as you are the source to them through which they will learn to communicate. Use words like please, thank you and excuse me while communicating with your child.
  2. Try to develop a sense of honesty and care in them. Tell them how to share things with others e.g. siblings, friends. Deeply focus on sharing if you have only a single child because a single child usually have less sense of sharing which creates problem for him as he grew.
  3. Play with them and involve yourself in their education by helping them in their homework etc.
  4. Provide examples while training your child. Create scenarios e.g. create a scene in which you become a guest ask your kid what will he do when he meets a guest etc.
  5. Don’t impose your orders always on them. Listen to their thoughts and ideas and if they are applicable, relate them that will develop a sense in them that they too have some importance.
  6. Also take help of someone closer to your child let’s say grandma or an uncle to make your child understand certain things if you are not able to convince them on a matter.
  7. Not always tell them the dos and don’ts, instead tell them a story to convey your message in the form of a lesson. E.g. litter should always be thrown in the dustbin.
  8. Don’t be loud to the kids and don’t let them be loud to you or anyone else. If the kid is being stubborn then convince him that lets sit and discuss. Things can be sorted out by communicating.
  9. Eat dinner with the family. Many things and ethics are taught while eating together. Sit with family and discuss problems or take suggestions from each other.
  10. Love the child but do not spoil him. Correct him if he is wrong, appreciate him if he is right.

Children are like a blank paper whatever you wrote on them they will be read in the written way.  So we all should try to write nice things on these papers so that this world would become a better place to live.