Typical office working hours are 8 to 9 in Pakistan which is a quite long period. People not only work in these hours but often work after these hours. It has now become a part of our culture.

Sleeping at work is acceptable in some countries while some dislike. Unlikely, it is culturally unacceptable in our country. People mind if they caught you sleeping on duty. They think that you are cheating with the company.

However, if they consider how constructive power-nap is for employees then they will not ignore its importance. A short sleep energizes us. Employees work more efficiently and re-energizes by taking a little rest from occupied schedule. Even, employees can focus on their work easily because working consistently makes them tired. Employees catch their fellows around them in their offices nodding off because of tiredness.

There are a very few companies that allow sleeping at work. In my previous organization after lunch we were provided a room for relaxing where people used to take forty winks or just sit and relax for a while.

Many organizations consider it unethical and raise serious concerns upon someone found embarrassed.

Not every job allows to sleep while on duty E.g. the drivers, watchmen, workers with customer dealing etc. Because their job nature is different they can’t take the risk. But they too can take a power-nap in their break time.

We are not robots who can work nonstop and also with the same liveliness. Personally, I think a power-nap is necessary for every worker in an organization. A rule could be made in organizations that allow the employees to take a short sleep while at work whether they allow it in the lunch time or a separate 20 minutes sleep scheme can be introduced. Like at 3 pm all the office lights will be closed and everyone can sleep on their desks. It is better to allow employees to take a nap break instead of pushing them to work forcefully which will give unwanted results. Employers will find it profitable if they carry out a small activity to judge the upshots of a power-nap.