Loneliness – a feeling which effects lives in an austere manner. A person can be alone either socially or emotionally. As an instance, a person may feel lonely who doesn’t have siblings, friends or have limited friends who got busy in their own lives. Other reasons might include a loss to a person, which could be financial, relationship, etc.

Veracity is that we have come alone in this world and will go alone but to survive in this world we need companions. We do need someone to share our problems, thoughts, and happiness with at some point in life. What I feel is that we always need someone. Having a companion doesn’t mean that we are reliant on him but having a fellow actually makes feel good. With a companion things become easier, life becomes happier and do have a desire.

We see people around who used to be very social but have reserved themselves, whatever the reason is it should not be like this. Get up and don’t waste time. Life is too short. Have some aim. Don’t spoil it because of someone or something. Instead use it in a meaningful manner. Do find a companion for yourself if you don’t have one and if you have one then spend your time with him.

Have a nice weekend!