After a huge break of lost audience of Pakistani cinema there is a profound increase in its viewers. The film industry has finally started to gather its audience back by producing interesting movies. New cast, makers and technology have proved themselves reasonable. After the successful launch of new movies like Waar, Bin Roye, Wrong Number, Moor, 3 Bahadur, Dukhtar, Shah, Manto now the audience expects more entertainment.

Before the launch of these successful movies, barely people use to go in cinemas for entertainment. Once upon a time though the cinemas were among the list of source of amusement but over the past few decades the bad picturization and stories were not recognized by the people. The story should be good along with the direction so a true picture can be presented.

Cinemas are the source in every society that not only provides entertainment but also awareness and depicts culture and issues of a nation. Performing arts always highlight the thinking and bring many matters to ponder and act upon them. It brings business to the country as well. It’s good that the relevant industry has taken the matter into consideration and are working effectively. Let’s hope for more entertainment coming to our way.

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