Comedy criteria in television shows and dramas has changed for the last few years. There was a time when these programs provide both the features of humor and lesson to its viewers which has declined now. Fifty Fifty, Angan Terha, Ankahi, Eid Train etc. are remarkable among the old comedy. People get refreshed whenever these old dramas are watched. Even in 90โ€™s good shows were made like Teen Bata Teen, VJ, Family Front etc. But today hardly such shows are found that make us laugh.

The comedy shown today is better to title as irrationality instead of funniness. Comedians in the past were careful about what they say in contrast with today there is no limitation. There is a difference between humor and vulgarity.

Repeated and silly roles are found in almost all comedy programs shown today. There was a diversity of characters and situations in old stuff. The common so called comedy situations nowadays revolve around politicians or married couples.

These old programs should be shown once again so that the viewers may enjoy them as well plus the makers can realize the difference and work to deliver good entertainment.