Food inspection is going on throughout the country and the restaurants are being sealed who failed to provide hygienic food. Many famous food chains are recently banned because of their dirty kitchens and other related complains. It is a good step taken by the concerned authorities to audit the hotels and restaurants regardless of their reputation but at the same time it’s a late measure. Up till now many people would have faced serious health issues. Nevertheless it is never too late to start good things.

Not only dirty hotels and restaurants are a threat to our health but also the vendors who set up stalls on footpaths and roads provide unhygienic food. Because of the hot weather, there is an increase in the purchase of substandard cold drinks and juices as well. All big and small food suppliers should be inspected. Canteens of educational institutes and offices should also be checked later on.

But what’s next after these inspections and banns? After sometime, people will forget the issue, also the banned food providers will reopen by settling matters with the concerned. Firstly, it is strictly required that the audit process should be continuous and an eye should be kept on the related. Furthermore, some standards should be clearly mentioned and checked upon which the permit to open or reopen hotels and food chains should be granted. Finally, stern actions should be taken against the perpetrators who do not accomplish the stated rules.

Healthy eating is essential for all of us as Health is Wealth.

What do you think?