For the last few days I am observing that different incidents are occurring leaving us shocked. Life is unpredictable and this statement is proving itself constantly. How quickly a person’s life can changed is awful. The person to whom we are talking in the morning isn’t alive in the evening that’s terrible but it is the reality of lifetime. We used to listen these type of statements but are swiftly experiencing it now.

At this point in life, I am wondering that we should not leave anything on tomorrow. Don’t wait for your retirement from job to enjoy life, don’t wait for old age to offer prayers or believe in the Almighty God, and don’t think to socialize when get time or support a needy. JUST DON’T WAIT DO IT RIGHT AWAY! It just take a minute to call a loved one to say hello rather than regretting whole life after their departure from this world that why I didn’t call them. We think that we are busy will contact once get free and will speak in detail. But this free time never comes and life goes on.

Life is a race indeed and we all are running towards finishing line. In contrast to a winner in race there is no happiness in finishing life race. But one thing we can do is that we should pass this time in a manner that people should recall us in decent way after our death. Yet I haven’t find anything much remarkable than helping mankind. Even a small help is significant. It is valuable for both the helper and to whom the help is given. The joy we get in helping someone is precious. Nothing can beat it.  What use is of such wealth that cannot give the pleasure to soul? These riches will not accompany us in our graves but the good deeds which we have done in our lifespan. If you agree with me then please do your part. Come back and let me know about the pleasure. You will definitely have something to say.

More importantly we all can talk good but we should do well instead of just talking. I will once again mention the proverb I like the most

“Action speaks louder than words”