On a summer afternoon, while Mira was washing dishes, the doorbell rings. She opened the door and found a kid from neighborhood in search of his ball.
Aunty, can I see your rooftop my brother has thrown my ball there?

Mira nodded her head and the child rush towards the stairs.

Mira was tired she sat on the couch and talk to herself. What a happy-go-lucky stage this kid is having. Sometimes all I wanted is to go back to my childhood though at that time I wanted to grow up to enjoy life but now when I have grown up I want to go back. Why is that so?

Being carefree is the response she got upon pondering. Her inner voice says YES, I want to be carefree at times. Forget troubles associated with every single thing. I want a break, want to enjoy life instead of fulfilling everyday responsibilities. But I can’t bring my childhood back. What can be done is to have some free time. I want to go far from my place temporarily and have some outing and adventures with my kid and husband. No care of expenses or any other thing. Just us and enjoyment! Yes this is what I want.

She got disrupted from her thoughts when the kid thanked her and told her he got his ball. Mira smiled and closed the door and came back to the kitchen to continue her work while murmuring part of myself has grown up but my heart is still a child.