Stop running here and there my child and have some food first.

Mama, I am playing

Yes, I know but its lunch time, you should eat first. Look! What I have prepared for you?

Ammar without any interest asks, what Mama?

I have made kabab (grilled meat) for you, come over and eat it first.

Mama, I don’t like kabab

Darling! You haven’t eaten kababs yet so how come you dislike them? Eat it first otherwise you will not know what it tastes like

Ammar plopped down in a chair and eats it without saying a word.

Three days later, the family goes to visit a relative.

While travelling, Mama asks Dad

Stop over some bakery so that we may purchase a cake or something else for the hosts.

Alright! Dada points towards the roadside hey look there is a new bakery opened. Should we go there?

Ammar was playing a video game on the back seat. He looked towards his parents and kept playing.

No, no, no we haven’t tried it yet. We are going to their place after many days, what if the cake isn’t good?

Ammar comes forward

Mama! You haven’t bought anything from the new bakery till now then how come you will know how it is?

The parents saw each other and broke out in laughter. Ammar giggled.

Dad parked the car and Ammar enters the bakery winningly with his parents.

It’s true, parents have to be cautious while dealing with such intelligent and naughty kids.