Once again he has recently faced another hardship in his life. And this time he didn’t say much except the words “Why me?”

It was hard for me to make him feel better as I know he is the most patient person I have ever met. Every time he smiles and says “Things will get better soon” and moves on. But for the last few days I have seen him getting frustrated, I feel he is breaking silently but he manages to overcome his sadness and problems and smile in front of every one.

Everyone defines life in his own way. And the way depends upon his sufferings and happenings around him. After thinking for some time I responded to him and I took time because it was not easy to calm a person who is himself very calm in nature.

Noah, we should always try to accomplish the goal regardless of the outcome because if we succeed we will be happy and if we don’t then we will at least not be guilty that we didn’t take a chance. You tried your best, God knows what is better for you. Sometimes we don’t visualize the picture properly and think about the leftover.

I know it’s hard for you to let yourself be composed but Noah you can do it. What I personally think is that God examines his obedient people and always reward them fully but after a long delay and that delay is the examination period. God is always honest to us, we are the one who change our path for quick rewards.

You are a blessed person that he chooses you most of the time, you are going-over the hardships in this materialistic world but you will be rewarded here or there, the creator will decide better. So never become ungrateful and let negative thoughts approach you. These are not the words just to calm you my friend, I am sincerely advising you.

Noah took a deep breath and said oh God why are you so serious, I know it is a phase and it will also be passed like others, so relax. He moved forward once again and I kept standing there wondering how patient he is.

Zoey put the pen down and closed her dairy after writing her thoughts of the whole day.