She left her home last night and was now travelling in a bus to reach his town with full planning of their bright future. She always takes decision quickly and stand with it. She is a daring and adventurous girl and always welcome challenges in her life. It was a big decision to leave her home and go against her family’s will but there she is.

She intended to surprise him by reaching to his home suddenly. They have been discussing their marriage for the last year but unluckily her family was not in his favor and it has become a prolonged issue. But now she has managed to take this step as her father wanted her to marry his friend’s son who was actually good in all ways.

With a jerk the bus stopped at a station. The station which was her destiny, where her love dwells and where the future was greeting her. She stepped out of the bus and went straight to his home.

She rang the doorbell. A lady opened the door and asked her “To whom you want to meet?” She smiled and recognized that she is his mother. She said “Is Usman at home?” Her mother raised her eyebrow “yeah he is but who are you?”  “Please call him, he will tell you.” The lady called Usman loudly. Usman was shocked to see her. “What are you doing here?” “Usman I have left everything for you, I have left my family, and I have come to you so that we can get married as we planned.”

“What?” His mother shouted and called his family. The arguments started and everybody was saying something bad to her. She ignored them and asked Usman to calm them down and handle the situation.

“Mom don’t worry, let me talk to her” Usman took her to a side and said “are you mad? I can’t stand against my family, I can’t marry you without their permission.”

“But Usman you never said this before. You always said it is not a difficult matter for you. It seems like you haven’t told them about us even.” “Yes I never told them because I will not marry you.”

“What? But I left my home for you.” “Why? Why you did this? I never promised you, we discussed it but it wasn’t final.” She stood frozen at her place. After that she didn’t listen what he said, just the words she heard were “Go away from here”

Usman went inside with his family and shut the door on her face.

She stood there for few minutes and then started walking, where she will go? She doesn’t know. Life has thrown a new challenge to her and this time an adverse one. She recalled once she read somewhere Anticipation is sweet when you are sure of the outcome.”