He opened his apartment and entered tiredly. Throws the key on the couch and take a look at his messed up home. He mumbled what does she think of herself, can’t I manage myself? I can do it very well. I will clean everything and he started doing so instantly. After this he took a shower and then plopped down in his bed. The home was clean but still he was not relaxed. He called her to give him a cup of tea but his voice echoed in the empty home where loneliness dwells now.

She was in her van, returning from the office listening to the music. She recalled the time when they were together how busy her days were but full of love and satisfaction. Now she is living well but without him life has no charm. She was fighting with herself, he always do this with me; I will not go back. But her inner voice was continuously echoing his name. She entered her room, where everything was perfect, clean and organized. But he was not there.

It is been a week now since she left her home and came to her parents. They had a usual quarrel. She was getting angry on his disorganization and he was not realizing it.

He stood up and picked up the keys, he knows what he has to do now. Yes, he was getting ready to bring her back. She opened her wardrobe and started packing her stuff to go to her home now. Both of them realizes that they can’t live without each other and that’s the true heart of a married couple.

Dissimilarities exists but to live a peaceful and happy life all men and women should mould themselves according to the situation and never presume that the other one should always compromise.