“Rehan! Stop it, say sorry to Sheena.”

“But mama she started it first.”

“Do what I am saying to you, don’t argue with me. She is your younger sister, you should take care.”

Rehan annoyingly says sorry to Sheena and becomes quiet upset.

Mama smiled convincingly and went to the kitchen.

Baba who was reading the newspaper, put it down and walked towards the kitchen.

“Lubna, listen to me.”

“Yes, do you need anything?”

“No, I don’t but I feel you need it very much.”


“A sincere advice.”

Baba begins “to criticize him on every act is not your duty. To condemn, to punish does not help him but helps you to sate yourself. Don’t stop him don’t judge him every time, it is not always his fault. He is a child whose personality will be ruined by your maturity. He will behave like a child because he is a child. You should behave like an elder because you are. How come you are expecting a child to understand everything when you are not? ”

He paused for a second and then continues “If you feel for him and want his betterment then tell him with love and in secrecy for the fact that if you cut a bird’s feather it can’t fly; it will always be in the cage but will not be happy. We should love and respect a child that will help him to build his personality. It will be good for all of us and happiness will never vanish from our lives.”

Baba left and mama was now inspecting herself.