The moonlight was spread all over. Samra was in her room thinking about the proposal. While Zaviyaar was anxiously walking in his lawn. What will she say?

Samra likes him but wasn’t accepting. Might be she was overwhelmed with the guilt of loving someone else after Khurram . Her mother’s words were stuck in her mind.

Love is not meant to be done once. Sometimes we get a second chance to love or to be loved. Khurram has departed from this world, he will never return. It’s not like that you’re betraying him. To remarry is not a crime; life never stops. Please be true to yourself, you like him but you are not realizing. Zaviyaar is a good man, you should consider his proposal.

She didn’t sleep the whole night. The saga of crying and remembrance grabbed her. She laid the Janamaz (prayer mat)and asked Allah to help her. Till the time she took the decision, the sun was shining at its peak but she was relaxed now.

She was enjoying her tea when her mother informed her that Zaviyaar is here. She stood up from her bed and brushed her hair with a smile. She knows now what she has to say..